microcontroller ignition system (from Zündanlage... tema)

  • I'm not in sales. I just try to tell you about a few such systems :)

    MPSZ (4 cylinder motors):

    costs ~55eu for controller and cables, exept sensors.


    for this system you need:
    MAP, knock, crankshaft position sensors.
    or modified distributor with Hall sensor.
    Ignition module (if need addition) and coil.

    w/o distributor:
    modified flywheel (if not use distributor), crankshaft position sensors, MAP sensor

    This is not ready to fit kit, this is part of ignition system for different cars.

    For 4 Cylinder motor, +MAP +Knock, ready KIT for distributor with Hall sensor:

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  • Hallo!

    next one (modified first system): cost ~65 for controller

    Usage variants:
    1. As Ignition system with modified distributor, MAP sensor.
    can use standart coil with ign. module or 2, 3 ign modules with coils 2 or 3 pairs.
    2. As Ignition system w/o distributor, with two Hall sensors (one as flywheel teeth counter and secondl sensor for detecting first cylinder position), MAP sensor.
    can use standart coil with ign. module or 2, 3 ign modules with coils 2 or 3 pairs.

    Knock sensor in software develop (V6 need 2 sensors). Developers tell me about not need knock sensors for properly work.
    About cost: you can make this system at home, all wiring, PCB, software are open. or buy it in any stage ready kit.
    Now, commercial version are coming. info about cost - later.

    By my opinion, this system can be interesting, more universal & I try talk about KIT's with developers (one of them have Taunus V6 2.3 with this system).

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  • Hallo!
    As I undertook to tell, I will continue the story.
    If to someone it is uninteresting, it is possible not to read. :P

    About sensors for microcontroller ignition system:
    MAP Sensor 45.3829:

    Under the information from many forums of fans of similar systems,
    It has an analogue of firm BOSCH, but despite its origin, quality of the sensor on a photo is better.
    costs ~16eu

    Hall sensors for flywheel (need 2 stk):
    like BOSCH 0232103048, or 191.3847

    costs ~3..5eu

    Knock sensor:
    BOSCH 0261231046 or same


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  • Further I should translate the wiring diagram and the installation description, that will demand to some quantity of time.
    Continuation is interesting?

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  • Ja, auf jeden Fall weitermachen! :spitze:

    Eine gute Übersetzung brauchen wir trotzdem noch.
    Aber das sollte ja hier machbar sein.

    Dann muss man mal abklopfen, welches Material hier zu bekommen ist und was zwingend importiert werden muss.
    Und wie...

  • Hi!

    can contains errors in translating, my translating not perfect, sorry

    The microprocessor ignition system of ignition, (further MPSZ) is intended for formation of advanced dependence of a ignition angle for the carburettor petrol engine as function of frequency of rotation of a cranked shaft and air pressure in an intake.
    The basis for working out of the given product were following circumstances:
    impossibility of realisation of optimum functional dependences of ignition angles by means of centrifugal and vacuum regulators of the distributors,
    change of these characteristics while in service.
    Basic element MPSZ is the controller of ignition developed according to technical requirements, shown to cars ignition systems and representing simple enough microprocessor device on Microchip PIC in which ROM tables with a sets of ignition angle values depending on frequency of rotation of a cranked shaft and absolute pressure in an intake. So, interpolation of angles is made for their smoother change.
    The corresponding information arrives from the distributor of type 5406.3706 (GAZ) either 40.3706 (VAZ) or any another with an active element on the basis of the Hall sensor with dismantled vacuum and centrifugal regulators or with cranked schaft position sensor
    (in this case distributor it is completely not necessary need also either it is dismantled, or remains just for decoration) and the of absolute pressure sensor type 45.3829.
    On cars the regular distributor of Hall sensor type thus it is necessary to replace GAZ with type 5406.3706 gauge-distributor which the Hall sensor with more strict parametres of a target signal. An additional element of the received microprocessor system of ignition is the absolute pressure sensor of type 45.3829 which is put on carburettor versions of cars GAZ with controller "Micas".
    MPSZ except the direct function, carries out Valve Idle management, supports idling turns at the set level.

    next: wiring and install procedure. in differ variants of usage
    next: Software Intro
    next: Software Descriptoin and cut's from Tuning manual.

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  • Ja, auf jeden Fall weitermachen! :spitze:

    Eine gute Übersetzung brauchen wir trotzdem noch.
    Aber das sollte ja hier machbar sein.

    Dann muss man mal abklopfen, welches Material hier zu bekommen ist und was zwingend importiert werden muss.
    Und wie...

    You can make this by self, it's free (opensource), or buy PCB and CPU from developers, or by complete KIT with all elements, or buy ready controller.
    Sensors: you can buy it in any spare shops, as standart car parts. But fitting sensors, electric parts, other - you can made it by self.
    Certainly, this device is interesting to fans selfmade products, also differs from industrial that, there is a possibility to rummage in the controller, in
    the program and ignition angles tables. But, as consequence, such device cannot be received as Plug'n'Play KIT (it's universal), but unless it stops us? :D

  • R-Type,

    is this an attempt to go from stone age ( Cologne V6 for example) to hightech by installing a few sensors and a ignition conmtrol box ? You are aware that this would mean 3 times the amount of wiring that was originally used by the factory to get and keep those cast iron pigs running...

    We all would likr to learn more - i guess the basics of a knock sensor, a MAP sensor are know to most of us - what would be intessting to see is the practical approach - i e - where is the knock sensor being positioned what needs to be modified and the day to day benefits of installing an extra mile of wires, cables and connectors.

    I had a couple of years ago the 4.0 Cologne V 6 in a Ranger - it already had all that high tech stuff, but as it never caused any problems I didn't other to really look at it - except the MAF that needed some cleaning every few months necessary due to build up on the wires .

    Are you planning on using / installing it on your P 7 b?

    In case it is getting boring in the office next week I can translate it to German - someone else should be able to polish my written German for the rest of the users afterwards.

    Have a nice weekend



  • hi!

    As I wrote before: this is ignition system for carburettor engine.
    in fact, this is from iron-age tech, but with modern elements.
    anybody buy this ordinary ignition module, the same i.m. cost 5..20, new, from BOSCH.

    Absolutely other preconditions, rather than requirement for high technologies were the reason of occurrence of such system.
    Objectively, MegaSquirt :spitze: more convenient decision.
    But, if there is an objective requirement for carburettor system such system of ignition will be better.
    also, not all acn use EFI injection, some peoples remove EFI and fastening carbs 8)
    One of the reasons of use of carburettors - simplicity and reliability that is the major factor for independent repair in improper places.
    Also, it is necessary to consider obviously unknown quality of gasoline. With such problems the usual system of ignition does not consult.
    Similarly is with old cars:
    If the carburettor can be bought new or to put another, that the faulty or incorrectly working contact distributor to replace more difficultly.
    Thus, I wish to notice that similar devices can be effective, and can some simplify a life of the carburettor motor.
    The writing of the given theme is not caused in any way by special interests.
    It is impossible to know that to whom will approach more. :)
    I start with reasons that is wishing the nobility, that is in the alternative worlds. :D
    And to use it or not - the decision especially personal.
    I at all do not state the opinion and the more so I would not impose that.
    And still there is such reason: Some like to do something with the own cars. Why not to satisfy their curiosity :)

    As there was a question I not it have decided to answer.
    Meanwhile in general, with the general descriptions.
    As the project is opensource, anything difficult is not present in its use. :)
    about miles of wiring: not a miles. this is simple.

    /*editor imho, cut open
    For use it my P7B is absolutely NO. contact ignition only.
    Grand idea with my P7 - is origin of technology level. yes, I rebuild some, but not change original construction, idea and tech level,
    exept - brakes, due to use bigger motor and with attention to modern road movement. and new brakes not a ultra modern,
    not original, but from Ford and like to original construction.
    for that controller: If I thinking to make other more new style Ford - Capri or Taunus mk3/4, Granada, etc - why not.
    editor imho, cut closed*/

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  • R-Type,

    it sure looks interesting - let's see whether some of the better informed tech freaks ( Heinz, Se come first to my mind..) will have anything to add to this.

    Take care - you still have below 0 temperatures your end ?


  • sorry, what do you mean "you still have below 0 temperatures your end ?" ?