• Hi,my name is Milos and i own Ford Taunus 1 GXL :) I'm from Serbia and i am hoping that i will find some useful information here.
    Here are the pics:
    Before with vinyl roof

    And the present state:

  • welcome to the whorehouse.
    you will be asked, why you painted the roof. don't care about that.
    if you need help, you will get it here.
    if you need someone to drink with, you will find him here.

  • Well,vinyl roof was in very very bad shape.Unfortunately,it couldn't be repaired...
    I'm looking for wiring diagrams and electrical schematics for any help is welcome.
    My VIN plates are currently painted,so is there any other way to find out what year was made car,what equipment he had...and stuff like that.
    And,just small note - i am using this forum via google translate,so it is little fuzzy :S

  • welcome milos!

    you´re using the forum via google translate to translate the german or the english? :D

  • welcome milos!

    you´re using the forum via google translate to translate the german or the english? :D

    From german to english :D

    wiring starts page 630.

    your taunus is a 1975, i think.

    Thanks,thank you very much,this is just what i needed.Well about the age - in my registration card it says it is from 1974,how true is that - i don't know :S Tomorrow i will try to write down numbers and letters from vin plate...Engine is V6 2.0.

  • Well Milos, first of all welcome to this forum,
    Nick may has expressed it a bit on the harsh side, most of us are slighlty nuts, some are hopeless cases ( Nick for example ) but all in all you joined the right bunch of freaks.

    Take care, the wording is sometimes a bit, well let's say you will have to get used to it..

    Have fun and enjoy

    Best regards


  • Welcome!
    Looking at the vinyl roof in the first picture, it was the right decision to remove it.
    If you're having trouble decoding the VIN plate using the description posted above, feel free to ask me.

    Prost! :uglybeer:

  • Welcome.
    Nice car, horrible color, and it needs a Vinyl roof :laugh: .
    It might be a 75 judging by the grille and the GXL letters on his butt, but late 74 is possible aswell.

  • Thanks,thanks :)
    Ok,about the codes,i got code from right plate or from number 3 on picture:

    It says this:


    B BBT NDG1154 DAJ
    ANBGK36 - A8
    - 963 - - - - 6
    11L 1 - K1

    I can read also code from numb. 2 on picture,but codes from plate numb 1 are unreadable (for now :) ).